A resident of the House of Anubis. He is roommates with Jerome and often goofs around with him. He is always getting into trouble, and frequently wears some kind of Animal mask or head. He has a huge crush on Amber. He and Jerome often tease Patricia for her obsession about finding Joy, such as when Jerome brought Patricia into their room and tried to convince her that they could see where Joy is through his fake Crystal ball. After Alfie and Jerome try to con money off 7th and 8th graders, they are put under probation. Seeking entertainment, Jerome gets out the zombie costumes as does Alfie. Alfie left his mask in the cellar, so he goes down to find it. Jerome gets caught by Victor so he leaves Alfie trapped down there. Jerome is worried so he wakes Fabian and then brings almost everyone downstairs. They find Alfie in the cupboard, scared out of his mind.It is believed in the episode he saw the teachers and Victor do some ritual different in all, but still unknown really what scared him. Alfie is brought up to his bed but he is catatonic. He freaks out and when they ask him what happened he hyperventilates and is a loss for breath. Nina hands him a bottle, which is filled with what they think is the life elixir but it's supposedly cleaning fluid, according to Victor. Alfie passes out and was in the hospital. He is shown to believe in aliens, as he found one of the puzzle pieces that Fabian lost and thinks it's an alien artifacts. Patricia manages to get the puzzle piece back from him. He also shares with Patricia his secrets to getting rid of nightmares, and agrees to hang out with her since Jerome always hangs out with Mara now, to help her. This hints at a possible romance between the two. In House of Aliens, he is told that there are aliens at the school by Sibuna, so they can get him off their backs. However, when he attacks Mrs. Andrews, thinking that she's an alien, Patricia and Fabian are forced to tell him about the treasure and the quest. He is now a member of Sibuna, and he has a flashback while in the cellar, back to the ritual he saw


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