Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures
Bucket & Skinner
Genre Teen sitcom
Created by Boyce Bugliari
Jamie McLaughlin
Starring Taylor Gray
Dillon Lane
Ashley Argota
Tiffany Espensen
Glenn McCuen
George Back
Country of origin Flag usa logo United States
No. of episodes 26
Running time 23-24 minutes (approx.)
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run July 1, 2011 (2011-07-01) – present
Official Site
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Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon July 1, 2011.


The series follows two inseparable friends from the fictional California town of Pacific Bluffs with three goals in life: to stay friends forever, always be near a beach and when they're not at a beach, find a way to get to one. Often times, the boys act quite sporadically leading them to multiple conflicts.


Main characters

  • Bucket (Taylor Gray) - Bucket is a freshman in high school. He spends his time surfing and trying to impress Kelly, his crush. His main competitor for Kelly's affections is Aloe. Aloe dislikes Bucket because he cut him off his board when he was five.
  • Skinner (Dillon Lane) - Skinner is Bucket's best friend and an avid surfer. He is not very bright and his desire for epic adventures often get the two of them into difficult situations.
  • Kelly Peckinpaw (Ashley Argota) - Kelly is a great surfer. She works part-time at a surf shop and is the object of Bucket's affections. However,she does not seem to notice. Also in the episode Epic Jobs, she was working a junoir lifegaurd with Aloe.
  • Piper Peckinpaw (Tiffany Espensen) - Piper is Kelly's smart younger sister. She uses her wits to get what she wants by coming up with various sneaky plans. She has a crush on Skinner. She also helps Three Pieces with many of his problems.
  • Aloe (Glenn McCuen) - Aloe is Bucket's arch-rival, and the main antagonist of the show. He uses his money and popularity to embarrass Bucket and Skinner whenever he gets the chance. He is almost always accompained by a student named Sven.
  • Three Pieces (George Back) - Three Pieces is Bucket's uncle and the owner of the local surf shop. He is a large man and is always trying to impress the ladies. In the episode "Epic Dancer", it revealed that he got nickname after surfing a big wave his surfboard broke in three pieces. He is friends with all of Bucket's friends.

Recurring characters

  • Sven (D.C. Cody) - Sven is Aloe's best friend. He is not very bright but does whatever Aloe asks of him including embarrassing Bucket and Skinner.


List of Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures episodes

International release

Country / Region Channel Series Premiere
USA Nickelodeon July 1, 2011
UK Nickelodeon TBA
GER Nickelodeon TBA

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