Fabian Rutter was Nina's only friend from the start of the series. He welcomed her with open arms from the beginning and was often seen defending her in the first few episodes, especially when Patricia was trying to torment information out of Nina. He accompanies Nina to the attic the second time she goes up and almost every other time she goes up from that point onward. He has a very obvious crush on her, but, due to his shy nature, is too embarrassed to tell her. Some moments that hint at this crush are when he gives her his jacket in the attic when they are hiding from Victor in the secret room, when he picks her up and spins her around after she discovers a clue, and when he's helping her learn to play some form of video game on the night of the school play. He is also very worried about her when she goes to recover the ankh puzzle pieces they lost from Victor's safe. He seems to have had a good friendship with Joy and Patricia before Nina came. This is shown when they're video chatting with Joy and she calls him "Fabes." He also attempts to kiss Patricia when she returns a puzzle piece that he had lost, but Patricia stops him. Nina appears to have a crush on him due to her jealousy when Joy calls Fabian "Fabes" and when he almost kisses Patricia, not to mention the fact that she kissed him on the cheek and often refers to him as the "mastermind". Fabian refuses to give up on Sibuna or the quest, even when all seems lost. Another hint of a possible romantic crush between the two of them is when Nina admits to her fellow house mates that her parents were killed in a car accident when she was younger, Fabian quickly gives Amber a warning glance and then looked back at Nina, since Amber was the person who originally brought up the subject of her parents. It seemed that Fabian didn't like seeing her upset and quickly defended her when Patricia was saying mean things about why her grandmother sent her here. Also, in the most recent episodes House of Victory and House of Yesterday, when Nina finally tells Patricia, Alfie, and Fabian that Sarah had died the previous night, Fabian put her arm around her in a comforting gesture and she leaned her head against his chest and cried for a couple seconds.


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