Henry Danger
Henry Danger (Movie)
(Airing Pic of "July 26 8:00pm")
Genre Sitcom
Created by Dan Schneider
Dana Olsen
Starring Jace Norman,
Ella Anderson,
Cooper Barnes,
Riele Downs,
Sean Ryan Fox
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes  ?? Episode List "HD"
 ?? Episode List "KD"
Running time 30 min.
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run July 26 2014 –
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Henry Danger is an American crime fighting situation comedy television series airing on Nickelodeon. The series was created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen. The series was picked up for 20 episodes on 13 March 2014. It stars Jace Norman as Henry, Cooper Barnes as Captain Man, Riele Downs as Charlotte, Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper, Ella Anderson as Piper. The series premiered July 26, 2014 as a movie. Where the rest of the series will debut on September 13, 2014.


Henry Hart (Jace Norman) is a 13-year-old boy who lives in the town of Swellville. He lands a part-time job as Kid Danger, a sidekick to the superhero Captain Man (Cooper Barnes). Captain Man told Henry not tell anybody about his job, so he has to keep it a secret from his best friends Charlotte (Riele Downs) and Jasper (Sean Ryan Fox), his parents, and his younger sister Piper (Ella Anderson). A shop called "Junk'n'Stuff" has a secret lair hidden underneath where Captain Man does his work.


Main cast

Henry Danger main characters

Main characters, from left: Piper, Captain Man, Henry, Charlotte and Jasper

  • Jace Norman as Henry Hart/Kid Danger, a 13-year-old sidekick to Captain Man.
  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester/Captain Man, a superhero who trains Henry.
  • Riele Downs as Charlotte, Henry's friend.
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper, Henry's friend.
  • Ella Anderson as Piper Hart, Henry's little sister.

Supporting cast

  • Kelly Sullivan as Mrs. Hart, Henry Hart's mother.
  • Jeffrey Nicholas Brown as Mr. Hart, Henry Hart's father.

(Note: The Casts Are The Same In "The Adventures of Kid Danger episodes")


List of Henry Danger episodes
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In 2013, Nickelodeon announced Henry Danger as one of its upcoming live-action shows. Shooting began in early 2014, The series was picked up for 20 episodes on 13 March 2014.

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