Season 3, Episode 13
First Aired March 5, 2010
Production Code 239
Writer(s) Jake Farrow
Director(s) Russ Reinsel
Episode Guide
"iEnrage Gibby"
"iFix a Pop Star"
iSpace Out is the 13th episode of the 3rd Season of iCarly. It was promoted as an iCarly special and the episode aired on March 5, 2010.

ISpaceout Poster


An eccentric billionaire asks iCarly and Exercise Rox (a different webshow) to perform a webshow from outer space. He perfoms different tests on the gang to see how well they will handle space travel, and they do fine until the 36-hour lockdown test in a space pod where all three suffer "Space Madness" in varying degrees. Carly eventually becomes a violent mess (something similar happens to her in iSam's Mom) and Sam & Freddie try to calm her down, but she succeeds in getting out of the pod, disqualifying the iCarly team. Meanwhile, Spencer is visited by a mysterious girl. He at first tries to turn her in as a lost child, but eventually, Socko's uncle-in-law, Dr. Paksel leads him to believe that he was only seeing her because he missed Carly. At the end of the episode, Carly sees the girl, and the mysterious child finally leaves. Carly believes she is once again experiencing "Space Madness."
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Spencer with the Mysterious little girl.

who is growing up.

  • G-Forces in space training are actually tested using a device called a centrifuge, which has a person inside a pod that is spun around in a circle by a gigantic arm. The Multi-Axis chair, however is real.

Cultural References

When the intercom says "Houston, we have a problem", this references the failed Apollo 13 space mission , which was immortalized in the 1974 Made-for-TV movie Houston, We've Got a Problem as well as the 1995 Ron Howard theatrical movie Apollo 13. The line is actually misquoted: the actual words were "Houston, we've had a problem."

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