A resident of the House of Anubis. He is roommates with Alfie and often goofs around with him. Jerome always does bad things but infrequently gets caught for them, unlike Alfie, who always gets caught. He likes to mess with the other students in the House of Anubis, such as when he made a love note that Alfie wrote to Amber telling her to meet him into that laundry room seem like it came from Mick, breaking Amber's heart. He and Alfie often tease Patricia for her obsession about finding Joy, such as when he brought Patricia into their room and tried to convince her that they could see where Joy is through Alfie's fake Crystal ball Jerome decides to scare the 7th graders after they make them in trouble by Mr. Winkler, so he and Alfie, also in trouble, decide to put on zombie costumes, but Alfie left his in the cellar, and when Victor catches him, he runs, leaving Alfie in there. He goes with Nina and Fabian to get him, where they find him in a cupboard scared to death. They bring him up to his bed, but is still scared, and later taken to the hospital after loss of breath when Nina gives him the bottle of elixir. Alfie is said to be better soon. That makes Jerome question the Sibuna team about what is going on in the cellar. He is saddened by what happens to Alfie. Though he originally appears to only care about himself, it is shown that he cares deeply about Alfie, such as when Alfie was trapped in the cellar and Jerome risked Victor's wrath to save him. He seems to have developed a crush on Mara, which seems to be returned. He shares with her that he's been going to boarding school since he was five-years old, and that he's actually a very deep person. He begins to spend more time with her when Mick leaves for his sports scholarship tryout, and nominates her for school rep. Also, when Amber reveals that on a numerical chart, Mick and Mara would be perfect for each other, he asks if the chart says anything about people who are different, such as him and Mara. He also offered to be her campaign manager for school rep, and did so in a slightly flirty manner. He also did ask her out to lunch, signifying that he likes Mara. He becomes very frustrated when Mara and Mick start dating. He tells Mara that his parents took him to boarding school to get rid of him. He says that they left him to rot, and that that was what he did. Certaintly Mara says "your not rotten",and when Mara said"I have a quetion" he opens his eyes with delight and when Mara said Mick's name he became really sad


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