The Casts of Every Witch Way

This is the Episodes Lists of Every Witch Way:

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1  ?? January 1, 2014 January 30,2014
2  ?? TBA TBA
3  ?? TBA TBA
4 ?? TBA TBA

Episode list

Season 1 (2014)

Episode number PC# Original airdate Episode Description
1 101 January 1 2014 DiscoveryAfter moving to Miami, strange things begin to happen to Emma; Emma meets her new crush and his popular girlfriend.
2 102 January 2 2014The Big RescueEmma and Maddie struggle to master their powers after discovering that they are witches; the Sharks set off a smoke bomb to get out of taking a test.
3 103 January 3 2014The Big ChillMaddie casts a spell on Emma that sends her to the nurse's office; Emma meets her magical guardian, Lily; Lily reveals that Emma's powers can be stolen.
4 104 January 6 2014I'm a WitchEmma's powers intensify when she finds the Hexoren; Maddie learns to undo spells; Diego tries to hide the discovery of his powers; Emma prepares for her first date with Daniel.
5 105 January 7 2014Magic Fight ClubThe principal grows suspicious after catching Emma and Maddie having a magical fight; Diego and Mac have crushes on Katie.
6 106 January 8 2014Monkey BusinessMaddie attempts to use Tony's magic show to win back Daniel's affection; Lily discovers a secret about the principal.
7 107 January 9 2014Monkey Business IIWhen Lily is turned into a monkey, Emma must find a way to turn her back; Diego explores his powers; the Sharks become suspicious.
8 108 January 10 2014Mac-sic-cleEmma and Daniel reconcile; the Panthers plan to steal the Hexoren; Diego's powers spiral out of control, endangering his friends.
9 109 January 13 2014I Said, Upside DownMaddie is more powerful than ever; Julio tells Diego the truth about his powers; Daniel tells Emma that he wants to date her.
10 110 January 14 2014I-Guana Dance With YouThe principal catches Maddie in the middle of a spell; Julio and Lily realize that they are both part of the magical realm; Emma is asked to erase Tony's memory.
11 111 January 15 2014I-Guana You BackMaddie romances an iguana, believing it is Daniel; the principal plans to steal the chosen one's powers at the eclipse.
12 112 January 16 2014I Heart BeauMaddie and the Panthers get to know the lizard-turned-boy, Beau; Diego discovers the origin of his powers.
13 113 January 17 2014PantherizedEmma and Tony must rescue Andi and reclaim the Hexoren.
14 114 January 21 2014Walk Like a PantherAndi must keep playing panther in an effort to get the Hexoren back.
15 115 January 22 2014Beach BallEmotions run high between Emma and Daniel; Maddie and Diego make some revelations.
16116January 23 2014Lily FrogThe principal pressures Andi to reveal the location of the Witches Council.
17117January 27 2014Witches' FluEmma has trouble controlling her powers when she has the flu; the principal takes a special interest in Maddie.
18118January 28 2014Hexoren SquaredThe principal catches the T3 sneaking into the high school and makes a bold decision.
19119January 29 2014Which Witch Is WhichDaniel learns the truth about Emma and Maddie; Diego discovers the principal's plans for the eclipse and seeks help.
20120January 30 2014The Chosen OneThe principal uses Daniel to lure Emma to an empty theater, where she plans to steal the chosen one's powers.
21ExtraJanuary 24 2014The Season One ReviewReviewing what has happened so far in season one; preview of upcoming moments.

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