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Season One

GW Season 1

E# Prod# Original airdate Episode Description
1 1-01 04/Oct/92 Ghost Story (1) Jamal is an ordinary kid living in Brooklyn but strange things start to happen around him. Masked figures are seen in the park. Gaby Fernandez has her backpack stolen. A button with the word THABTO is left behind. A spirit starts writing to Jamal on his computer and inside Lenni Frazier's notebook. Who is the elusive being?
2 1-02 11/Oct/92 Ghost Story (2) Jamal and Lenni learn that the mysterious being is a spirit that wants to be friends. With no memory of where it came from, they nick name it Ghostwriter. Jamal goes to see Alex Fernandez, a friend of Lenni's, to help decipher a coded message he found in his locker and in the park. Now, Ghostwriter decides to write to Alex, too.
3 1-03 18/Oct/92 Ghost Story (3) Alex learns about Ghostwriter. Jamal and Alex figure out that the THABTOS, are who have been stealing backpacks (including Gaby's) and learn that these are the same kids Jamal saw at the park. Gaby, Alex's sister encounters the mysterious being.
4 1-04 25/Oct/92 Ghost Story (4) The team, consisting of Jamal, Lenni, Alex, & Gaby, discover that the backpack thieves are planning a final secret ceremony. They leave a fake message in one their lockers saying that the ceremony is cancelled. Alex goes undercover as one of them but there's one problem: Alex doesn't know which code name to go by.
5 1-05 01/Nov/92 Ghost Story (5) The team, with the help of the robbed kids, set a trap for the backpack thieves at the video arcade. After the thieves are caught, the four decide to become the "Ghostwriter Team" and vow to try and solve mysteries.
6 1-06 01/Nov/92 Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store? (1) A mysterious man delivers a letter to Brinker. Whatever it says makes Brinker so mad he takes his anger out on Jamal and his friends. Jamal writes a letter to calm Brinker down and delivers it to him on the same night a fire is set.
7 1-07 08/Nov/92 Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store? (2) Jamal finds himself in hot water when the fire is blamed on him. Tina and Gaby begin their own investigation using Tina's video camera. Lenni learns that Jamal was at the arson but didn't commit the crime.
8 1-08 15/Nov/92 Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store? (3) More clues are hidden inside the videos from Brinker's store. Tina encounters Ghostwriter and becomes the fifth member of the team. Craig speaks up in Jamal's defense but the police have an arrest warrent in Jamal's name.
9 1-09 22/Nov/92 Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store? (4) Jamal brings up the entire truth to McQuaid but thanks to Ghostwriter, he and his friends have found the real culprit. Mr. Brinker is the one in hot water and his back room of machines and detectors has enough evidence to prove it. The team celebrates along with Jamal but this time, it's Craig who gets a surprise--from Ghostwriter!!
10 1-10 29/Nov/92 To Catch a Creep (1) Alex is running for school president and his friends are happy but soon it takes a serious turn when someone starts putting up flyers that have embarrassing secrets about him.
11 1-11 06/Dec/92 To Catch a Creep (2) Alex considers dropping out of the election after more smear flyers turn up but his mother and friends convince him not to. A girl who is supposedly trying to sabatoge his election likes him. Another one of Alex's suspects, a shy new transfer student, encounters Ghostwriter.
12 1-12 13/Dec/92 To Catch a Creep (3) Alex and Tina decide to shoot a video so that people can get to know the real Alex Fernandez. Ghostwriter contacts Rob Baker and he talks to Jamal to clear things up. Alex learns that Calvin and Jeffery are doing some campaign parties on school grounds and that one of his pen pals knew all of his secrets. Meanwhile, Jamal and Gaby get some important lessons about respecting others in karate class.
13 1-13 20/Dec/92 To Catch a Creep (4) Alex is alarmed when Ghostwriter shows him the start of a new smear flyer coming out. Lenni gets a final clue to the mystery when she contacts Alex's pen pal in Texas. The team wants to give the guilty culprit a taste of his own medicine but to do that they need Rob's help. The student elections go on as planned though it's a surprise and relief for Alex when it's over.
14 1-14 27/Dec/92 Into the Comics (1) Lenni encourages the team to get involved in a comic book contest. The team is hesitant until she tells them that the winner gets to star in a comic book with Cosmic Comic's famous superhero, Hoodman. They start writing down clues and join a scavenger hunt all over Brooklyn to win the race. Someone, however, wants them out of the way.
15 1-15 03/Jan/93 Into the Comics (2) The team tries to figure out who sent that terrible cartoon of them while they continue the contest. When the menacing Stoopdude sends them on a false trail, the team has another list of clues to follow. Rob visits a homeless poet and hears him read one of his poems.
16 1-16 10/Jan/93 Into the Comics (3) Even more strange things start happening at the comic book contest. Someone impersonates a special agent and gives out phoney panels. The Ghostwriter team tries to track down the artist named Manny Gite but they wonder what he has to do with Stoopdude. Gaby and Alex are afraid that their parents are getting a divorce.
17 1-17 17/Jan/93 Into the Comics (4) The team discovers Manny Gite's rejection letter of his cartoon, Stoopdude. They set out to confront Manny with the help of his aunt but it's a race against time to cross the Cosmic Comic's finish line. Who will be there first: Lenni or Stoopdude?
18 1-18 24/Jan/93 To the Light (1) Rob takes Jamal to see his homeless friend Double T who he met at the youth center. But Double T has mysteriously vanished leaving no trace of where he is. The only clue is a broken broom and a torn book of poems. Rob fears that someone is out to get Double T.
19 1-19 31/Jan/93 To the Light (2) Rob meets up with Double T's daughter, Lisa Norburt. The team wants to help but Rob leaves them out of it. Ghostwriter says that they should continue searching. Tina tries to find a special Vietnamese flower for her mother. While Rob and Lisa learn something else about Double T's past, the team thinks he may have followed one of his poems by heading towards the subway.
20 1-20 07/Feb/93 To the Light (3) The team knows Double T has gone somewhere connected to Vietnam. Rob and Lisa learn about an abandoned subway where Double T and his friend Hush used to sleep. Lisa decides to go there to look for her father but Rob doesn't think it's a good idea. He proves to be right when there's a cave-in and his Ghostwriter pen is gone.
21 1-21 14/Feb/93 To the Light (4) A stream of haunting letters from the past finally takes the team to the Vietnam War Memorial and Double T. But even Double T doesn't know where Rob has gone to. While trapped in the abandoned tunnel, Rob tries to spell out a distress call to Ghostwriter. Will Ghostwriter be able to get the message to his friends?
22 1-22 21/Feb/93 To the Light (5) The team learns of Rob's whereabouts and the tunnel he's trapped in. Ghostwriter sends Rob a message that help is on the way. With the help of Jamal's dad, Double T joins the team and they all set out to rescue Lisa and Rob.
23 1-23 07/Mar/93 Who's Who (1) Tina gets an after school job answering fan mail to famous actress Lana Barnes. She is having fun answering her mail but she finds out something else; someone is sending her obscene mail.
24 1-24 14/Mar/93 Who's Who (2) After Tina discovers Lana trapped in her garage, she gets Lana's permission to bring in the team. They try to find out who may be after Lana. One of Lana's four husbands was credited to her star success but she divorced him. Another husband is the father of her long lost daughter, who holds a grudge against Lana.
25 1-25 21/Mar/93 Who's Who (3) A threatning package arrives in the mail for Lana. Tina and the gang go to the hotel where Lana Barnes is getting her award for a stakeout. Lana confesses that she does miss her daughter. Her divorced husband tells them that he doesn't hate her, but her daughter still seems suspicious.
26 1-26 28/Mar/93 Who's Who (4) Gaby is positive that no troublemaker will get by the Ghostwriter team when they attend the award ceremony. But Tina is suspicious when "Lana" arrives at the hotel and seems different. Ghostwriter confirms her fears: an imposter has targeted Lana Barnes.
27 1-27 11/Apr/93 Over a Barrel (1) The team is having fun in the community garden, but when Gaby faints the team starts getting suspicious. Even more strange things start happening when the pet rabbits die. The team learns that each victim has been in the garden before they got sick. They go straight to the source where they find barrels filled with toxic waste.
28 1-28 18/Apr/93 Over a Barrel (2) The team is frustrated when the garden is closed. They decide to start their own investigation to find out who dumped the barrels dumped illegally. Tina's brother gets into a fight with her family and Lenni gets a mysterious phone call.
29 1-29 25/Apr/93 Over a Barrel (3) Lenni is upset when she sees her father and Sally together. Tina and Alex find out the barrels were supposed have been taken away by Mr. Miller, a local businessman and philanthropist. He seems suspicious when they start snooping around his hauling station. The team wants to prove he's the guilty culprit but someone has beaten them and stolen the last piece of evidence.
30 1-30 25/Apr/93 Over a Barrel (4) Alex and Tina catch Miller destroying evidence on video tape. The Ghostwriter team writes a petition for reporter Fannie Mae Banner who catches wrong doers live on television. They have one clear message for Mr. Citizen of the Year: Get those barrels out now!
31 1-31 25/Apr/93 Building Bridges (1) The team is excited about the upcoming star jam talent show because they are in charge of it. When their friend Kiambu arrives with a sore eye, they realize that violence is in the neighborhood. Rob, an editor for the school paper, makes friends with an ex-gang member. The gang feels safe that Hurston hasn't been the target of vandalism. Or has it?
32 1-32 02/May/93 Building Bridges (2) Miss Kelly considers canceling the talent show but the students convince her not to. Rob visits Victor's home and finds out why he left his gang and what violence has done to Victor's brother, Quincy. Hurston is ready to get their talent show underway but then more vandalism occurs.
33 1-33 09/May/93 Building Bridges (3) Rob finds Victor's signature gold chain at the scene of a crime and suspects that Victor is somehow being framed for the vandalism. The team lists Tony Boyd, because he's no longer the best player on the team, or Walter Haines, because he fought with Victor the other day. Victor considers quitting after finding out that he's been accused of the vandalism.
34 1-34 04/Jul/93 Building Bridges (4) Rob goes looking for Victor and gets attacked by the Thunderheads in their hangout. Victor manages to rescue his friend and agrees to help Rob find out who's framing him. Ghostwriter follows the words of Victor's rap right to the real "whoodunit" of the graffiti attack.

Season Two

GW Season 2 1GW Season 2 2
Season 2-1___Season 2-2

E# Prod# Original airdate Episode Description
35 2-01 12/Sep/93 Am I Blue? (1) Gaby's favorite television heroine, Galaxy Girl, is coming to Brooklyn for a live performance. Gaby is flat broke so she "borrows" money from the bodega to buy herself a Galaxy Girl costume. Things take a bad turn when the show's space model, QTC-5000, is stolen off the stage...and ends up in Gaby's toy chest.
36 2-02 19/Sep/93 Am I Blue? (2) Gaby's room is trashed and the culprit has taken QTC-5000. Gaby admits she stole money from her parents but McQuaid believes she stole the space model as well. The team thinks Calvin is behind all this trouble though Ghostwriter's clues prove otherwise. Rob and Lenni are forced to make a painful choice by adding a new suspect to the Ghostwriter casebook: Gaby Fernandez.
37 2-03 26/Sep/93 Am I Blue? (3) Gaby is overwhelmed with guilt and bad dreams for her mistakes but Alex stands by his sister. Her friends agree to help clear Gaby's name. Calvin steals Alex's casebook and tries tricking the team into telling him who "GW" is. They think the thief is an ex-actor from the TV show but a new note by the culprit is signed "Galaxy Girl's #1 fan".
38 2-04 03/Oct/93 Am I Blue? (4) Ghostwriter helps Gaby write an apology letter to her parents to smooth things out. The thief is still at large and the team doesn't think it's Calvin anymore. Gaby's knowledge about Galaxy Girl is helpful in finding the real culprits. When QTC-5000 makes a surprise return, the team catches them "blue handed".
39 2-05 03/Oct/93 Get the Message (1) When Mr. Fernandez's truck crashes into Max Frazier’s band instruments, both parents gets into a fierce argument over the cause of the accident. Blood runs hot between the families as Lenni and Alex side with their fathers and rest of the team starts to break up. It doesn't help when their rival, Calvin Ferguson, is snooping around.
40 2-06 10/Oct/93 Get the Message (2) Jamal thinks the culprit is connected to local art robberies but nobody will work with him on the case. Calvin tricks Rob into telling him about Ghostwriter and is eager to exploit their secrets. Jamal fears that if the team doesn't stop fighting, Ghostwriter will disappear forever.
41 2-07 17/Oct/93 Get the Message (3) Calvin has sent out practical joke messages to tear the team apart for good. But Jamal and Rob write a letter reminding their teammates of all the great times they've had together. Is it enough to bring Ghostwriter back? Meanwhile, Calvin approaches Rob in the computer lab with a special proposition.
42 2-08 24/Oct/93 Get the Message (4) With the team united and Calvin out of the way, all six kids set a trap to catch the art thief. Lenni, Alex, and Gaby encourage their fathers to make up. The team celebrates with a victory party but a distress call beckons Ghostwriter to leave. “Don’t be afraid my children, but I must go,” he writes.
43 2-09 31/Oct/93 Just in Time (1) An orphan named Frank is being accused of theft in his foster home. He and his friend Catherine are contacted by Ghostwriter, who wants to help them. He returns to the team but they're confused about where he's been. More specifically, when he's been. Ghostwriter has traveled back to 1928!
44 2-10 07/Nov/93 Just in Time (2) Ghostwriter asks the team to help prove that Frank is innocent. They send Ghostwriter back to 1928 with instructions how to make a casebook. Frank and Catherine are shocked to discover the team exists in 1993. They start a list of suspects including Lucy, Catherine’s little sister, and Mrs. O'Boyle, the housekeeper. Both of them hate Frank. A chase outside almost gets Frank and Catherine caught by the coal man, another suspect.
45 2-11 17/Nov/93 Just in Time (3) The team in 1993 sifts for clues through Jamal’s basement, which was Frank's bedroom in 1928. Lucy has been reading Frank's private letters stashed inside a wall. The team wonders what their mission is and Ghostwriter says, “Help Frank become a doctor”. Jamal’s father suddenly gets sick and the team realizes that history will change unless they help Frank catch the robber.
46 2-12 24/Nov/93 Just in Time (4) The Ghostwriter team knows history must be fixed in 1928 for things to turn out right in 1993. They sift through old newspapers to discover the truth. Ghostwriter is exhausted from traveling but he manages to send one final message back to Frank, Catherine, and Lucy about when and where to find the criminal. Will he get there in time? What does Frank have to do with Jamal’s father? Has Ghostwriter vanished forever?
47 2-13 28/Nov/93 Lost in Brooklyn (1) An African exchange student arrives in Hurston and Tina befriends her. Safria explains to Tina that years ago her brother wanted to become an artist. Her father disapproved, they had a fight and Malenga accidentally hit him. Ever since that day Safria's father hasn't forgiven him and won't allow his name to be mentioned. Safria tells Tina that Malenga has been writing anonymous letters to her. She and Tina decide to go on a city search for Malenga.
48 2-14 05/Dec/93 Lost in Brooklyn (2) Safria and Tina go on a city search for Malenga. Meanwhile, Alex is tutoring a young student named Hector. Safria has a fight with her father and storms off.
49 2-15 12/Dec/93 Lost in Brooklyn (3) Malenga finds one of the paintings and realizes that Safria is in New York. Jamal runs into his best friend Rob. Rob arrives at Lenni's house but he has some terrible news. His mom just got a new job in Australia and he just returned to get ready to go. Malenga contacts the team. Malenga and Tina arrive at the hotel. Tina prays for Safria to be all right.
50 2-16 19/Dec/93 Lost in Brooklyn (4) Safria is accidentally locked in the hotel's storage closet. Luckily, Ghostwriter reads the stuff and informs the team where she is. Safria is rescued by Malenga. Hector agrees to join the team and take Rob's place and Rob says farewell to the team.
51 2-17 26/Dec/93 Who is Max Mouse? (1) A dangerous hacker named Max Mouse has broken into the school computers, sending false alarms and getting Jasmine arrested. The team uses a discarded password to get into Hurston's computer system with shocking results. Meanwhile, Lenni is disgusted to find out that Calvin likes her.
52 2-18 03/Jan/93 Who is Max Mouse? (2) Max Mouse continues to wreak havoc in Hurston. Jamal, Lenni, and other kids have their grades changed on report cards. When too many false alarms go off and a child is almost killed, Ms. Kelly has had enough. Max Mouse refuses to back down so the team keeps track of their three suspects: Calvin, Erica and Janice.
53 2-19 10/Jan/94 Who is Max Mouse? (3) The team creates their own screen name and together they challenge Max Mouse to some online games. Ghostwriter searches for the phone numbers of their suspects including someone named "Red Parrot". Hector gets some tutoring from Alex on how to face up to a bully. Just then Lenni and Jamal's names and phone numbers appear on the police suspect list.
54 2-20 16/Jan/94 Who is Max Mouse? (4) The team challenges Max Mouse to a game of "ghost" while Ghostwriter heads through cyberspace to catch the hacker. But there's a big risk at stake. If they lose, Max Mouse will pin the crimes on Jamal and Lenni. Everyone must work together to trap that rat once and for all.

The GW Teams won and found out it was Janice Hall...

55 2-21 23/Jan/94 Don't Stop the Music (1) Lenni, Max and Sally are all watching Lenni's video from the Star Jam episode Building Bridges. Just then, they get a call from Smash Records. Jade Morgan is inspired by the video and wants Lenni to star her in a music video. Lenni has writer's block so she writes a song about self-confidence. Jade is inspired by the song and decides to allow the team to be in the video.
56 2-22 30/Jan/94 Don't Stop the Music (2) Lenni is ecstatic about the music video but when they start shooting it, disasters keep happening. The team thinks somebody is trying to sabotoge the set. In between breaks they write down all suspects in the studio including a grudging technician and makeup artist. Jamal is having his hands full with his annoying little cousin, Casey Austin.
57 2-23 06/Feb/94 Don't Stop the Music (3) Lenni starts to regret the music video but her friends are hot on the case. Ghostwriter's evidence makes her realize some people might not be honest with her. Somebody leaves behind strange notes for Jade Morgan and Lenni is almost hurt on the set. Is the culprit after Jade or Lenni? Meanwhile, Casey is in for a surprise herself.
58 2-24 13/Feb/94 Don't Stop the Music (4) Jamal gets a letter informed that he has been accepted in the high school of science. Sonia takes Lenni's finished tape to MTV but on the way there she is mugged and the tape is stolen. Lenni sends Ghostwriter to where the tape might be. The team sets a trap to catch the person who is trying to stop Jade's job and Lenni's dream.
59 2-25 10/Apr/94 What's Up With Alex? (1) Tina is one of many kids at Hurston who have had their lockers broken into and valuables stolen. Alex says he'll help the team on the new case but something is different. Ever since he's been friends with Kevin and joined the Dragons basketball team, Alex has been shirking his responsibilities and arguing with his family.
60 2-26 17/Apr/94 What's Up With Alex? (2) The Ghostwriter team forms a stakeout near a grungy body shop where they tape someone selling stolen goods to Big Ralph--but the culprit's true identity is still unknown. Alex is being pressured by Kevin, who offers him marijuana several times. Gaby is fearful for her big brother but Ghostwriter helps her compose a letter that speaks the truth from her heart.
61 2-27 24/Apr/94 What's Up With Alex? (3) Alex finally realizes that it's not right for him to be around a drug user and he breaks off all ties with Kevin. The team helps him write an aplogy letter to his parents. Closer looks at Tina's video brings another clue: the locker thief is a Dragon's player. Alex discovers someone attacking Kevin in an alley.
62 2-28 01/May/94 What's Up With Alex? (4) The team interviews all the Dragon players but the most likely culprit, Spencer, insists that he's innocent. Ghostwriter picks up bizzare new purchases in exchange for cash. Alex works with Jamal and Jeffery on their urban studies project but his real call to action turns up when Kevin is in danger.

Season Three

GW Season 3

E# Prod# Original airdate Episode Description
63 3-01 02/Oct/94 A Crime of Two Cities (1)Jamal is having a blast during Christmas vacation in London. While touring the city with his new friend Becky Wentwood, a cyclist crashes into Jamal and leaves behind some bizzare papers. Becky and her brother Sam work with Jamal to crack the code.
64 3-02 09/Oct/94 A Crime of Two Cities (2)Jamal finds out the code was written by someone named Wise Rita but there's a bigger problem: a kidnapping is set to take place in New York. Ghostwriter travels over the Atlantic Ocean to warn the team back in America.
65 3-03 16/Oct/94 A Crime of Two Cities (3)Jamal, Becky, and Sam are all contacted by Ghostwriter and find out the cyclist, Danny Winkler, is working with Wise Rita. The detectives go searching for Danny but while they're out to foil a kidnapping, Jamal gets kidnapped himself!!
66 3-04 23/Oct/94 A Crime of Two Cities (4)Without Jamal to help them, Becky and Sam must contact the rest of the team in New York and warn them about the kidnapping. The last clue is inside a Sophie Madison book and it's a race against time to stop a story from coming true. But will the team get there in time? And who is going to rescue Jamal?

(Note: This Episode mark the last appearing of
Mayteana Morales as Gabriela "Gaby" Fernández)

67 3-05 30/Oct/94 Four Days of the Cockatoo (1)While looking for cans in a dumpster, Gaby finds a rare and exotic palm cockatoo. She convinces her father to let her keep it at a pet, unaware that somebody is looking for the cockatoo. Cassie drops back in town for a visit but Jamal learns his cousin has a reason to be there.

(Note: This Episode mark the first appearing of
Melissa Gonzales as Gabriela "Gaby" Fernández)

68 3-06 06/Nov/94 Four Days of the Cockatoo (2)Cassie is frustrated when she can't be with her mother so Jenkins do their best to make her feel at ease. Gaby nicknames her bird "Calypso" and discovers that he's a rare endangered species. A scheming woman named Honey Hawk is tracking Gaby and Calypso down by order of her boss, Mr. Poulet.
69 3-07 13/Nov/94 Four Days of the Cockatoo (3)The team realizes that smugglers are after Calypso and they must get him to an animal protection agency. Two "agents" come take Calypso away but Gaby sees through their disguises and jumps into their truck before it speeds away.
70 3-08 20/Nov/94 Four Days of the Cockatoo (4)When Gaby and Calypso are captured by the smugglers she writes a message for Ghostwriter to send back. The team tries to pinpoint where Gaby is just as the real agents show up. They warn the kids about two wanted criminals on the loose: Hawke and Poulet.
71 3-09 22/Jan/95 Attack of the Slime Monster (1)Casey is writing a scary story for a local contest about "Gooey Gus: the Slime Monster", a doll that spits out grape bubblegum. Casey thinks her story isn't scary enough so she gets the team involved. They take turns writing and leave a cliffhanger with the Slime Monster in a crock pot.
72 3-10 29/Jan/95 Attack of the Slime Monster (2)Alex takes control of the story and writes how he rescues Gaby from the Slime Monster's clutches. Tina convinces Lenni to perform with her brother Tuan at their graduation party but sparks fly between Lenni and Tuan.
73 3-11 05/Feb/95 Attack of the Slime Monster (3)Hector is having lots of fun taking control of the story but things are getting sticky: Gooey Gus has grown 6 feet tall in the story and the kids can't find his real weakness. Lenni gets flustered when she hears that Tuan likes her.
74 3-12 12/Feb/95 Attack of the Slime Monster (4)In the story, the Slime Monster is finally defeated with teamwork and a bottle of vegetable oil. Everyone is impressed with their contributions to Casey's story and they celebrate at a rooftop party. Jamal will be going to a different high school but he promises Lenni and Alex that the Ghostwriter team will always have each other.

The End of Ghostwriter....
Now the future teams is here: The New Ghostwriter Mysteries

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