H2O- Just Add Water
The following is an episode list for the Australian television show H20: Just Add Water!, which airs on Network Ten, Disney Channel Australia, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon UK and other television networks worldwide. The series premiered on July 7 2006, and series two concluded on March 21 2008. A third series is planned for early 2009. [1]

The Series is now Re-Airing 2011 on "TeeNick" Every Saturday & Sunday...

Series overview

This is for Nickelodeon Airing:

Season Episodes Originally
DVD release
1 26 2006 September 12 2007 - November 5 2008
(six volumes)
2 26 2007-2008 TBA
3 26 2009-2010 (Never Air In The US) TBA

This is for TeeNick Airing:
(Airing 4 Episodes Every Sat & Sun Only)
Sometime on Week Days...

Season Episodes Originally
1 26 2011
2 26 2011-2012
3 26 2012

Episode list


Series one: 2006

Season One from Master H20 Wikia: H20 Season 1

Series two: 2007-2008

Season Two from Master H20 Wikia: H20 Season 2

Series three: 2009-2010

Season Three from Master H20 Wikia: H20 Season 3
The third series is scheduled for broadcast in 2009.[1] The series centres around Cleo and Rikki coming to terms with the loss of Emma, who has left town with her family. New characters are introduced, including Bella, a new mermaid who infuses the group with new energy; and Will, a skilled diver who accidentally unleashes a powerful force from Mako Island which turns water against the mermaids. The girls must also deal with Zane, who attempts to exploit Mako's secrets after Rikki breaks up with him.[2]
(Note: Season 3 Never Air In The US In 2009 But It air In UK)


Now Re-Air on "TeeNick"

Series one: 2011

Series two: 2011 - 2012

(Note: This season re-run for Season 2 is not completed. It air only 14 Episodes.)

Series three: 2012

This Season Re-Air on TeeNick in February 2012

Television films

DVD releases

(Note: Release in Australian First because it a Australian Series, and trying to cover releases in many countries would quickly bloat the article out of reason.)

Series one and series two have been released on DVD in Region 4 PAL format. Series one comprises six individual DVD sets released between September 2007 and November 2008, and a complete series compilation released in June 2009. Series two comprises three individual sets released between February and September 2009, and a complete series compilation released in November 2009.

Full DVD are listed here:
List of H2O: Just Add Water DVD's


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