This is the officially list of Jimmy Neutron DVD's.

Themed DVD's

The list of Jimmy Neutron DVD's
DVD Release date DVD Cover DVD name Episodes
1 27 May 2003 Jimmy-Neutron-Confusion-Fusion Confusion Fusion This dvd contains 9 episodes.
  • When Pants Attack
  • Normal Boy
  • Birth of a Salesman
  • Brobot
  • The Big Pinch
  • Granny Baby
  • Time is Money
  • Battle of the Band
  • Jimmy on Ice
2 7 October 2003 Seatrouble Sea of Trouble

This DVD Contains 10 Episodes:

  • Raise The Oozy Scab
  • The Phantom of Retroland
  • Hypno Birthday to You
  • Hall Monster
  • Trading Faces
  • Journey to the Center of Carl
  • I Dream of Jimmy
  • Substitute Creature
  • Broadcast Blues
  • Proffesor Calamitous, I Presume 
3 3 February 2004 Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion DVD Jet Fusion This dvd contains 1 TV-movie and 6 episodes.
  • Jet Fusion (TV-movie)
  • Monster Hunt
  • Jimmy for President
  • Materno-Tron Knows Best
  • The Great Egg Heist
  • The Feud
  • Foul Bull
4 16 November 2004 Jimmy Neutron DVD = Attack Of The Twonkies Atack Of The Twonkie's This dvd contains 1 TV-movie and 3 episodes.
  • Attack Of The Twonkies (TV-movie)
  • Send In The Clones
  • A Beautiful Mine
  • The Junkman Cometh
5 Only released in Region 2 & 4. Jimmy Neutron DVD = Party At Neutrons Party At Neutron's N/A
6 Only released in Region 4. Product thumb King Of Mars N/A

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