The following is an episode list for the Nickelodeon animated television series Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.

Season 1

No. Episode Title Problem Words in Mandarin Chinese
101 Dragonboat Festival The gang is going to have a dragonboat festival. When Rintoo and Kai-Lan lose at the first dragonboat race because Rintoo wasn't following the peeking mice's drumbeat, he gets really mad. Kai-Lan has to show him what to do when you feel too mad. 你好nǐ hǎo - hello, 爺爺yé yé - Grandpa, 我来了wǒ lái le - I'm coming, 一、二、三yī, èr, sān - one, two, three, 跳tiáo - jump, 謝謝xiè xiè - thank you, 再見zài jiàn - goodbye
102 Everybody's Hat Parade The gang is going to have a hat parade but Hoho copies Rintoo's hat and Rintoo gets mad because he believes his hat isn't special anymore. 帽子mào zǐ - hat
103 Twirly Whirly Flyers While playing Twirly Whirly Flyers, Tolee accidentally breaks the ants' bridge and runs away. 紅色hóng sè - red, 綠色lǜ sé - green, 哎呀āi-​yā​ - Oh, no!
104 Safari Pals The gang is going on a safari, and Rintoo gets jealous of Stompy the Elephant because he wants to be big like him. tuī - push
105 Hoho's Big Flight It's the lantern festival, but Hoho isn't listening to Ye Ye's instructions, and loses his lantern. tīng - listen, 汤圆tāng yuán - Sticky Rice Dumplings
106 The Snowiest Ride The gang is going sledding to see the ice sculptures, but Tolee is afraid of heights. Kai-Lan helps Tolee by breaking it down into small steps. xué - snow, 抱抱bào bào - hug
107 Tolee's Rhyme Time The gang is going to have a music show, and Tolee is going to sing a rhyming song, but he doesn't know how to rhyme and quickly gives up. shàng - up, 下xià - down
108 Kai-Lan's Campout The gang is having a campout, but when they want to play with Tolee's panda doll Pandy, he refuses to share him. Kai-Lan needs to remind him to be a good friend and share. 拖鞋tuō xié - slippers, 手電筒shǒu diàn tǒng - flashlight, 牙刷yá shuā - toothbrush, 毯子tǎn zi - blanket, 袜子wà zi - socks, 枕头zhěn tou - pillow, 短裤duǎn kù - briefs, 睡袋shuì dài - sleeping bag
109 Wait, Hoho, Wait! Hoho is having a hard time waiting for Rintoo's car to be done, so he jumps in and breaks the car when it's still not ready. Kai-Lan tries to help Hoho find a way to be patient. tuī - push, 饺子jiǎo zi - dumplings, 筷子kuài zi - chopsticks, 汽车 qì chē - car, 四 - four, 五 - five
110 The Ant Playground The ants are building a playground, and Kai-Lan and the others are going to help by building a tire swing for them, but they build the wrong size swing. shàng - up, 下xià - down, 火车huǒ chē - train, 滑梯huá tī - slide, 蚂蚁mǎ yǐ - Ant
111 Happy Chinese New Year! While the Dragon Team carries the dragon to the Chinese New Year Parade, Rintoo gets upset and quits because he doesn't want to be in the "boring" middle. 新年快樂!xīn nián kuài lè - Happy Chinese New Year!, 龙lóng - Dragon, 恭喜gōng xǐ - Congratulations
112 Ni Hao, Halloween After spraining his ankle, Rintoo can't go trick or treating with his friends. He's so upset, he starts to cry. Kai-Lan and her friends refuse to go without him, and need to find a way for him to go trick or treating with his friends. tiáo - jump
113 Beach Day When a wave knocks over his sandcastle three times, Tolee gets angry and stomps on his friends' whole sandcastle. Kai-Lan needs to get Tolee to calm down so they can finish the sand castle. 貝殼bèi ké - seashell, 挖 - dig, 螃蟹páng xiè - crab
114 Roller Rintoo Rintoo wants to be good at roller skating, but it's really hard at first, until he learns to take it slow. kuài - fast, 溜冰鞋liù bīng xié - roller skates, 頭盔tóu kuī - helmet, 護膝hù xī - knee pads
115 Rain or Shine Kai-Lan's friends are sad because they can't play with their stuff in the rain. Kai-Lan has to teach them that there are some things you can do in the rain. la - pull, 青蛙qīng wā - frog, 蜗牛wō niú - snail, 乌龟wū guī - turtle, 虫子chóng zi - worm
116 Kai-Lan's Carnival Rintoo and Hoho run away when they accidentally break Stompy's rollercoaster. - eight, 拉la - pull
117 Lulu Day Kai-Lan and Lulu have a special play date but can't figure out what to play together because they want to play with different things. So they learn how to compromise. chuī - blow, 風車feng chē - pinwheel, 太阳tài yáng - sun, 手镯shǒu zhuó - bracelet, 熊猫xióng māo - panda, 跑车pǎo chē - race car, 茶壶chá hú - teapot
118 Sports Day When Rintoo wins at the dinosaur games, he brags about it and it causes Tolee and Hoho to quit playing the games. Rintoo needs to learn to say something nice when you win games. 恐龍kǒng lóng - dinosaur, 开始kāi​shǐ​ - begin, 预备yù bèi - get ready
119 Kai-Lan's Trip to China Kai-Lan and her friends travel to China to visit her great aunt and see the naming of a baby panda. Rintoo, Hoho, and Tolee got scared to try something new in China. The Baby Panda is scared to ride a boat for the first time. Originally shown as a double-length episode, generally shown as two parts. 姑奶奶gū​ nǎi​ nai​ - great aunt, 我叫Wǒ jiào - My name is..., 西瓜xī​ guā​ - watermelon, 小xīao - little, 开心kāi xīn - happy, 姐姐jiě​ jie​ - big sister, 妹妹mèi ​mei​ - little sister, 哥哥gē ​ge​ - big brother

Season 2

No. Episode Title Problem Words in Chinese
201 The Ladybug Festival The gang gets lost on their way to the ladybug festival because Rintoo and Hoho's silly loud chatter causes Tolee to get frustrated, because they aren't listening to Tolee. Kai-Lan has to get them to listen because Tolee has something important to say. 小鸟xiǎo niǎo - bird
202 The Dinosaur Balloon After Kai-Lan accidentally breaks her own dinosaur balloon, Stompy doesn't want to help her because it wasn't his fault that the balloon broke. 手臂gē bo - arm, 牙齿yá chǐ - teeth, 眼睛yǎn jing - eyes
203 Playtime at Tolee's Tolee invites Kai-Lan, Rintoo, and Hoho for a playdate at his boat house for the day, but when Rintoo accidentally rips Tolee's painting, Tolee gets angry and doesn't forgive Rintoo, which makes Rintoo feel sad. Kai-Lan teaches Tolee that forgiving others is part of being a good friend. 苹果píng guǒ - apple
204 The Moon Festival Hoho gets sad because Mr. Moon is covered by a big gray cloud on his first moon festival. 月饼yuè bǐng - mooncake
205 Kai-Lan's Big Play Hoho is angry that Rintoo is chosen to be The Monkey King in their play instead of him, so Hoho quits. tiào - jump
206 Kai-Lan's Big Surprise Kai-Lan wants to have a thank-you party for Ye Ye but a huge gust of wind knocks over everything Kai-Lan had set up for the party, which causes Kai-Lan to cry. 我爱wǒ ài - I love
207 Rintoo's Big Flip Kai-Lan and her pals get to take part in a show with The Chinese Rabbit Acrobats. However, Rintoo doesn't practice his flips, so he gives up with tears, and he quits the show. 圆形yuán xíng - Circle
208 Stompy Rides Again Kai-Lan and her friends are riding a train to Hula Duck Island, but Stompy can't ride because there aren't any more empty seats and begins to cry. Kai-Lan and her friends learn to find a way for everyone, including Stompy, to play. 蓝色lán sè - blue, 橙色chéng sè - orange
209 Rintoo Makes a Splash The gang is having a lot of fun at a water park but Rintoo plays too rough, upsetting Tolee and Hoho. Kai-Lan teaches Rintoo to play in a gentle way. shuǐ​ - Water
210 The Ants Dance Kai-Lan's band and the ants prepare for a talent show, but the show is almost ruined when Bubu gets bossy and makes all the choices. 跳舞tiào wǔ - Dance
211 Tolee's Turn Kai-Lan and her friends go sailing and play hide-and-seek with the Dolphins. Things are at a standstill when Rintoo doesn't give Tolee a turn. Kai-Lan needs to show Rintoo the importance of taking turns. 海豚hǎi tún - Dolphin
212 Kai-Lan's sled It's a snowy day, and Kai-Lan and her friends are building a snowcoaster that they can all ride! Everyone has a job to do, but Rintoo keeps taking little Hoho's jobs, that makes him sad because he wants to help out. Kai-Lan and the viewer need to help Rintoo see that even though Hoho is small, he still likes to help. tuī - push
213 Lulu's Cloud Kai-Lan and her friends are invited to play at Lulu's house. But Hoho is feeling uncomfortable and scared because things are different. Kai-Lan and the viewer need to show Hoho there's nothing to be afraid of and try different things. 气球qì qiú - balloon
214 Kai-Lan's Playhouse Kai-Lan and her friends are going to decorate their brand-new playhouse. But when Hoho can't get the art supplies he wanted for his wall he got so mad, he hits Rintoo! This prompts Ye Ye to send Hoho to time-out until he can calm down. It's up to Kai-Lan and the viewer need to teach Hoho that hitting is wrong, and he should use his words. 恐龍kǒng lóng - dinosaur
215 Pandy's Puddle Kai-Lan and her friends are picking vegetables for the garden celebration. When Pandy falls into a mud puddle, Ye Ye takes him to be washed, but Tolee is really upset to be away from him, even for a minute. Kai-Lan needs to help Tolee remember that Pandy will be back. 胡萝卜hú luó bo - carrot
216 Tolee's Promise When the snails' Merry-go-round breaks, Kai-Lan and her friends agree to build a new Merry-go-Round for the baby snails. When Tolee promises to help, he runs off to go see the ants' scooter race. Kai-Lan needs to show Tolee that he should be a good friend and keep his promise. zhuàn - spin
217 The Place Where We All Live The ants, snails, and worms are busy building a new fruit stand in Ant City. When Ye Ye gives Kai-Lan and her friends kites for a present, they forget about the wrapping paper, causing problems for the ants, snails, and worms when their trash gets everywhere. Kai-Lan and her friends need to help take care of the place where they all live. 风筝fēng zheng - kite, 拉 - pull
218 The Hula Duck Dance Party The Hula Ducks are having a dance party on the beach, and Kai-Lan and her friends are invited. While playing musical chairs, Tolee has to sit out every time because he lost, and starts crying because he can't play with his friends. Kai-Lan has to find a way for Tolee to play so he won't be left out. 跳舞tiào wǔ - Dance
219 Princess Kai-lan When the Monkey King visits Kai-lan and her friends, he needs her help in a magical kingdom where the foxes and the bears do not talk to each other. Kai-lan and her friends travel to the kingdom of foxes and bears to try and get them to talk to each other, but it may prove to be Kai-lan's greatest challenge yet. (Double length episode)tiào - jump, 朋友péng yǒu - friend, 吹chuī - blow, 狐王hú wáng - Fox King, 熊后xióng hòu - Bear Queen, 公主gōng zhǔ - Princess

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