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Power Rangers
Saban's Power Rangers2
Series Power Rangers Samurai(2011)
Power Rangers ?????(2012)
Country of origin USA
Network Nickelodeon, The N
Original run 7 February 2011 – Present
No. of episodes Power Rangers(Season 19):40
Power Rangers(Season 20):??
More Season Coming Soon
DVD release date List of Power Rangers DVD's,
Samurai Complete
Season 19 DVD: TBA Late 2011
Megaforce Complete
Seanson 20 DVD: TBA Late 2012
"More to come 2013"

This is an episode list for Power Rangers listed by date of premiere.
The Episodes are started as Season 18 by the series continueing after "Fox Kids"(Fox Broadcasting Company) from Season 1 to 9 & ABC Kids(The Walt Disney Company) from Season 10 to 17.

Note From Nick

Nickelodeon schedules and airs the show's episodes out of chronological order, which may cause confusion between viewers.

Past Episodes

Episodes From Season 1 to 17

Now Get Ready For The Return Of The Power Rangers.
It back in the hand of Haim Saban, The Reg. Owner of the Series to
Bring it back to Saban's Brand.
It bigger & better than ever.
It "Power Rangers Samurai" Season 19_1 (2011) / "Power Rangers Super Samurai" Season 19_2 (2012)...
PR Samurai logo Super Samurai Logo
Now get ready for the next Power Rangers Sereis:
"Power Rangers Mega Force" Season 20 (2013) / "Power Rangers Super Mega Force" Season 21 (2014)
Power Rangers Megaforce logo Power Rangers Super MegaForce (2014)
And NEXT...
"Power Rangers Dino Charge" Season 22 (2015)
Power Rangers Dino Charge Logo

Airing Date

It will air "Saturday & Sunday" start in February 5 2011 on Nickelodeon
Also air "Monday to Friday as a repeat that will start in March 2011 (TBA) on NickToons

Time Air

Saturday at 12:00-12:30PM & Sunday at 12:00-12:30PM
Monday to Friday at Any Time (Check For Time for Nickelodeon & NickToons)
Please check air date & time at the main page Here


Season Episodes
(Whole Series)
Episodes (split) Originally Aired DVD Release
Season Premiere Season Finale
45 24
February 7 2011
February 18 2012
December 10 2011
December 15 2012
Season 19 Vol 1
Season 19 Vol 2
TBA early 2012
4 December 2012
Movie: "Not Yet Known"
42 22
February 2 2013
February 15 2014
November 30 2013 (Dec. 7 2013-Christmas Episode)
November 22 2014
Complete Season 20:
Complete Season 21:
TBA Late 2014
TBA 2015
Movie: "Not Yet Known"
22  ??  ?? TBA Early 2015 TBA Winter 2015 Complete Season 22: TBA Late 2016
Movie: "Not Yet Known"


(Note: Power Rangers Samurai Start Off after Power Rangers RPM
(Episode 700) Ended years ago on ABC Kids in 2009.
So it will start off as Episode 701 as this nickelodeon new series began in 2011)
Production code start as 1901 because the 18 Season was a repeat of Season 1-MMPR

(Note: Please Read Talk Page Before Adding Episodes)

Season 19: 2011 - 2012


The Episode start at Episode 701 but note that the last number is in Bold as it will tell us it Episode 1:

Season 20: 2013 - 2014

(Also Season 21: 2014 - 2015 "Power Rangers Super Megaforce")
Tensou Sentai GoseigerSeason 20-2 (2014) - B

(Note: Base from the "Super Sentai Movie" known Here at the 'Power Rangers' Page that we don't know if there anther Power Rangers Series after "Megaforce".
So please watch the "Super Sentai" movie on the Power Rangers page to see what i mean....
In the movie: "There a short 8:20 (8m 20s) of it before the movie start".
It have to be a team-up movie between the two seires, That mean Haim Saban have to make a movie like the the Japan did to the "Super Sentai" movie but
i did see the clip from the megaforce & it look the same.

We won't know until it come in 2014 as Season 21... As far as i known it will be call "Power Rangers Super Megaforce"...)

The Episode start at Episode 746 but note that the last number is in Bold as it will tell us it Episode x46:

Season 22: 2015-2016

This Episode List below maybe used for "Power Rangers Dino Charge" >>>>>> (aka Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger).
It said to be 20 or 21 episodes or maybe less, WE HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPEN AFTER December 2014

Power Rangers Dino Charge

The Episode start at Episode 788 but note that the last number is in Bold as it will tell us it Episode ?:

  • FOR SEASON 22- Dino Charge: First Half of the Season is 8 Episodes & the Second Half of the Season is ? Episodes
  • FOR SEASON 23- Dino Supercharge: First Half of the Season is ? Episodes & the Second Half of the Season is ? Episodes

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