This article gives a list of the episodes for the Nick Jr. children's television series The Fresh Beat Band. The first season finished airing on May 28, 2010.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 August 24, 2009 (2009-08-24) May 28, 2010 (2010-05-28)
2 12 August 30, 2010 (2010-08-30) May 27, 2011 (2011-05-27)
3  ?? June 24, 2011 (2011-06-24) Presents
Live N/A April 24'2010 TBA


Season 1: 2009-10

Episode number Original airdate Episode Description
101 8/24/2009 Stick Together Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout must work together to prepare the music room for a surprise birthday party.
102 8/24/2009 Stomp the House Marina and the band must search for items to replace her broken drums so that she can play her big solo.
103 8/25/2009 Doggone It! When the dog Reed is watching runs off, the band decides to help him find it.
104 8/26/2009 Loco Legs Shout is so excited to perform that he develops a case of loco legs.
105 8/27/2009 Let's Boogie Marina, Twist and Shout are having trouble learning a dance that Kiki has choreographed.
106 8/31/2009 Quack Shoes Shout must find an alternative when his tap shoes get sent up a tree.
107 9/01/2009 Hippity Hop Marina is disappointed when Melody asks her to wear a bunny suit at a smoothie event.
108 9/02/2009 Band Together Twist cannot decide what instrument he wants to play.
109 9/03/2009 Bounce the House Twist converts his room into an indoor bounce house after accidentally breaking Marina's drum.
11010/20/2009 Freeze Dance When Melody has to go to the market, she leaves the band in charge of her smoothie shop.
11110/22/2009 Smoothies to Go-Go Kiki's friends must put on their roller skates and help her deliver smoothies to her customers.
11210/19/2009 Hocus Pocus Twist wants to perform magic tricks in the upcoming talent show.
11310/21/2009 Sing With Me Ms. Piccolo asks Kiki and Shout to write and sing a song together.
114 11/20/2009 Hip Hop Hoedown Members of the band decide to play country music when Ms. Piccolo asks them to play a different style.
115 1/11/2010 March Our Way The band prepares to march in the music school parade.
116 1/12/2010 Glow for It! Marina gets a set of glow-in-the-dark drumsticks; the band prepares for a nighttime performance.
117 1/13/2010 Rock to Sleep Shout is excited when he finds a bugle inside his cereal box; Kiki, Twist and Marina try to help Shout get to sleep.
118 1/14/2010 Rhyme Time While searching for a word that rhymes with music, Twist loses his voice.
119 4/22/2010 Bubble Blast Twist creates a machine that makes bubbles, plays music and helps the band clean up the street.
120 5/28/2010 Rock the Luau The fresh beat band play Hawaiian instruments.

Season 2: 2010-11

Note: There are new junior Beats, and Hadley Fraser is replaced by another actor to play Reed

Episode number Original airdate Episode Description
201 8/30/2010 Circus Mojo The Fresh Beats save the circus by performing in it.
202 8/31/2010 Honk Honk Fresh Beats build a new car from 57 boxes.
203 9/1/2010 Camping with the Stars Twist goes camping for the first time.
204 9/2/2010 Singin' In The Rain Fresh Beats make it rain so Marina can play along to the rhythm.
205 9/15/2010 Back to School The Fresh Beats reminisce about their favorite songs on the first day back at music school.
206 10/25/2010 Giant Pumpkin Shout grows a giant pumpkin to bring to a festival.
207 12/13/2010 Fresh Beats in Toyland Twist has a dream where the Fresh Beats are toys in Toyland.
(Holiday Special: When the Fresh Beats are living toys in a magical holiday toyland, Shout, Marina and Kiki must help Dancing Robot Twist get his moves back).
208 3/07/2011 Zydeco Music Parade Fresh Beats go on a road trip and create their own instruments.
209 3/08/2011 Kiki's Kickin' Chorus The Fresh Beats put a chorus together to sing a new song.
210 3/09/2011 Car Wash Dance Fresh Beats do a car wash dance to clean their dirty car.
211 3/10/2011 The Case of the Missing Violin Fresh Beats search for Kiki's missing violin.
212 4/27/2011 Band in a Jam When the Fresh Beats go to a Ne-Yo concert, they get stuck in a room at the venue.
(Note: It count as a hour long episode for this Season Finle)

Season 3: 2011-13

Note: This Season marks the debut of Tara Perry replacing Shayna Rose as
Marina started This Season...

Episode number Original airdate Episode Description
301 6/24/2011 Giant Pizza When a Fresh Beat Band concert attracts customers to a pizza café, the band has to pitch in to help make enough pizza to serve everyone.
302 6/24/2011 Graduation Day

Marina needs help to decide what she wants to be after graduation.

Tara Perry first appearing as Marina

303 7/03/2011 Balloon Buddy Fresh Beats discover a friendly balloon who likes to conga.
304 7/03/2011 Presto Pants Twist and Shout build mechanical dancing pants.
305 7/08/2011 Cool Pool Party Kiki, Marina, and Shout must refill the pool after they accidentally splash all the water out.
306 7/10/2011 Mixed Up Musical The Fresh Beats try to come up with an idea for a musical.
307 7/10/2011 Drum Party Twist, Kiki and Shout plan a surprise party for Marina.
308 7/17/2011 Follow the Leader Twist leads the Fresh Beats as conductor of the orchestra.
309 7/17/2011 Step It Up The Fresh Beats get to learn a new stepping dance for a competition, but they’re on different teams. Then, they figure out a way to combine their dance so they can perform together on stage.
310 7/24/2011 Jungle Jazz Fresh Beats help a plant find a home after it grows too big for Twist's room.
(Shayna Rose last appearing as Marina)
311 10/24/2011Ghost Band The Fresh Beats have a musical showdown against a ghost band.
312 11/04/2011 Veloci-Rap-Star When a manager recruits Twist to go on tour, he becomes a rap superstar.
313 11/11/2011Chimps in Charge The Fresh Beats help their friend babysit a pair of chimpanzees.
314 11/18/2011 Dance Floor Superhero The Fresh Beats must don the costumes of their favorite heroes, The Mighty Music Band, to defeat the evil Deep Freeze, who’s freezing everyone in an attempt to stop them from dancing!
315 11/25/2011 Rock Star The Fresh Beats are transported into the world of the Rock Star board game.
316 12/02/2011 Bollywood Beats Summery Coming Soon
317 12/09/2011 The Fresh Bots The Fresh Beats order four robot versions of themselves to help them pick berries for Melody.
318-319 01/29/2012Wizard of Song This is an hour Long Episode:
When Marina gets swept up into a windstorm, she lands in Oz! Along the way, she befriends a Scarecrow, a Tin Woman, and a Lion and they go to the Wizard of Song so that Marina can find her way home.
320 02/10/2012Royal Wedding The Fresh Beats try to reunite a princess with her prince after she becomes smitten with Twist.
Guest Star: Erin Sanders as Princess
321 04/22/2012Keeping It Green The Fresh Beats have a concert to stop the Mayor from building over the park.
322 06/08/2012 Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba! Plex accidentally transports the Gabba gang and the Fresh Beats to exotic locales every time he hiccups.
323 08/19/2012Hoop DreamsThe Fresh Beats plan to rock the half-time show at the Junior Beats' basketball game.
324 10/14/2012Dance-A-ThonThe Fresh Beats compete in an all-night dance contest.
325 02/10/2013Laughing Dance Master The Fresh Beats audition for a dance festival but don't make the cut.
326 10/13/2013Pink Swan Kiki is part of the "Pink Swan" Ballet. (More To Come)
327 12/07/2013Snow DayThe Fresh Beats use a giant blender to make snow for their winter show.

Season 4: 2014-15

Note: "We Don't Know At The Time Yet If Nickelodeon Planning A Season 4"

Episode number Original airdate Episode Description
401 Coming Soon 2014 TBA Summery Coming Soon
 ??? Coming Soon 2014 TBA Summery Coming Soon

Live Tv Show

Those are Live Show Lists

Episode number Original airdate Episode Description
1 04/24/2010 Live at the Festival of Books at UCLA. Summery Coming Soon
2 04/24 & 25/2011 Live in Los Angeles Summery Coming Soon
3 4/22/2011 Bubble Blast It is about the neighborhood getting together and cleaning up for “Clean & Green Day” as only The Fresh Beat Band neighborhood can…full of music and bubbles!
4 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
5 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
6 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
7 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
8 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
9 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
10 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
11 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
12 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
13 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
14 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
15 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
16 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
17 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
18 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
19 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon
20 Coming Soon TBA Summery Coming Soon

2012 Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert Tourdates

# Concert Date City Venue On Tv
Y for Yes
N for No
1 2/2/2012 Anaheim, CA Grove of Anaheim
2 2/3/2012 Mesa, AZ Ikeda Theater
3 2/4/2012 San Diego, CA Balboa Theatre
4 2/10/2012 Cupertino, CA Flint Center for Performing Arts
5 2/11/2012 Stockton, CA Bob Hope Theatre
6 2/12/2012 Oakland, CA Fox Theater
7 2/15/2012 Modesto, CA Gallo Center For The Arts
8 2/16/2012 Fresno, CA Warnors Theatre
9 2/17/2012 Bakersfield, CA Rabobank Arena
10 2/18/2012 Las Vegas, NV Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Theatre for the Performing Arts
11 2/19/2012 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia
12 2/23/2012 Salina, KS Stiefel Theatre for the Performing Arts
13 2/24/2012 Kansas City, MO The Midland By AMC
14 2/25/2012 Peoria, IL Peoria Civic Center Theater
15 2/29/2012 Omaha, NE Orpheum Theatre
16 3/1/2012 St. Paul, MN Fitzgerald Theater
17 3/2/2012 Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater
18 3/3/2012 St Louis, MO Fox Theater
19 3/4/2012 Rosemont, IL Rosemont Theatre
20 3/7/2012 Cincinnati, OH Taft Theatre
21 3/8/2012 Columbus, OH Palace Theater
22 3/10/2012 Detroit, MI Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
23 3/14/2012 Indianapolis, IN Murat Theatre
24 3/15/2012 Akron, OH Akron Civic Theatre
25 3/16/2012 Buffalo, NY University of Buffalo Center For The Arts
26 3/17/2012 Pittsburgh, PA Byham Theater
27 3/18/2012 Williamsport, PA Community Arts Center
28 3/21/2012 Wilkes Barre, PA F.M. Kirby Center
29 3/22/2012 Wallingford, CT Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre
30 3/23/2012 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
31 3/24/2012 Westbury, NY Theatre at Westbury
32 3/25/2012 New York, NY Best Buy Theatre
33 3/28/2012 New Brunswick, NJ State Theater
34 3/29/2012 Hershey, PA Hershey Theater
35 3/30/2012 Philadelphia, PA Keswick Theatre
36 3/31/2012 Baltimore, MD Lyric Opera House
37 4/1/2012 Washington, DC Warner Theater
38 4/3/2012 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre
39 4/5/2012 Durham, NC Durham PAC
40 4/11/12 Frederick, MD Weinberg Center for the Performing Arts
41 4/12/12 Norfolk, VA Chrysler Hall Theatre
42 4/13/12 Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy Performance Arts Centre
44 4/14/12 Knoxville, TN Tennessee Theatre
45 4/15/12 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
46 4/18/12 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre
47 4/19/12 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
48 4/20/12 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live
49 4/21/12 Coral Springs, FL Coral Springs Center for the Arts
50 4/22/12 Ft Myers, FL Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall

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