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Alexandra "Alex" Mack (Larisa Oleynik) – Alex is an average teenager in Paradise Valley. After the chemical accident on her first day of Junior High, Alex must now deal with the pressures of having extraordinary abilities in addition to the normal struggles of her everyday life.



Raymond "Ray" Alvarado (Darris Love) – Alex's closest friend and next-door neighbor. Alex sees him as her brother, often sharing everything between themselves, including the secret of Alex's powers. He can be lazy and a slacker. He has proven numerous times that he will do anything to protect Alex from the Plant.



Anne "Annie" Mack (Meredith Bishop) Alex's older sister, and a scientific genius in her own right. Next to Ray, she is the only one who originally knows about Alex's powers. She thinks Alex's powers are going to win her a Nobel Prize, and is the one who usually keeps Alex's unpredictable abilities in check. She eventually goes off to college, leaving Alex and Ray to cope with Alex's problems arising from her powers alone.

Mr. & Mrs. Mack

George Mack (Michael Blakley) and Barbara Mack (Dorian Lopinto) – Alex's parents, neither of whom know of her powers. George is a brilliant chemist who works for Danielle Atron at the Plant, while Barbara is a more down-to-earth woman who works in a public relations firm.

Other Casts

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