A resident of the House of Anubis. She is very smart and has a crush Mick although she knows it is never going to happen , as she cheated on a French test for him and tutors him. Mara used to room with Amber but now rooms with Patricia. She used to be friends with Amber but Amber doesn't like her anymore after she found out she likes Mick. Mara doesn't think that Amber and Mick should be together, as she says "they have nothing at all in common." She cheated on the French test for Mick, and after she does, he says the teacher may have her back but he doesn't. It is presumed he doesn't like her anymore after that. Later in the series Mara helps Mick with his training and then they both share a kiss. Then the next day she over hears Mick telling Jerome and Alfie that he's not interested in her. Afterward, she changes her personality to fit a "bad girl", and is set on ruining Mick for spiting her. It is unknown if this is permanent or temporary, but most likely temporary. Later in the series Mick and Mara kiss for a scene in a school play. He asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes. Later on in the episode it is presumed Mick does not like Mara anymore or is mad at her after she confesses on giving Mr.Sweet the photos of him and Esther together. Now they are just friends. After Mick leaves to tryout for his sport scholarship, Mara starts spending time with Jerome and she starts to developed a crush on him. However, when Mick comes back, she agrees to go out with him, and they become an official couple. This angers Jerome to no end, although he is not exactly hostile towards her. Jerome also reveals to her that Mick didn't get the scholarship, but he kept it from her


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