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  • Please bring all this up on the website. Problems#1 Samurai and Super Samurai : No explanation for how an interracial team of Rangers are descended from Japanese Samurai, recycling and translating the original Japanese scripts for the series and making it a Mighty Morphin clone. Problems#2 Megaforce : Lazy Writing for the 2nd half of the series and more boring Halloween and Christmas specials. Problems#3 Super Megaforce : Not explaining the pirate theme by ignoring it, no explanation for the new power set's, rushing the series like for Megaforce,naming everything Super Megaforce and Legendary, the terrible actors have not improved, naming everything Super Mega and Legendary, not all of the Legendary Ranger Modes were used in the series, lazyer writing, a fourth Mighty Morphin clone and the Legendary Battle was three minutes long instead of ten times as long. Problems#4 Shared Problems : Twenty episodes per season instead of thirty episodes a season or so, no great/good and memorable team up specials, the reuse of GO GO POWER RANGERS, Gosei as an idiotic non explaining poor excuse for a mentor and continuously saying that Earth was a peaceful planet before the monsters came when We all know that their is still crime,prejudice, substance abuse, murder and war in the world. Problems#5 Dino Charge and Dino Supercharge : No Dino Charge team up with Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder and yet another waist of money on zord and Megazord exclusive Modes. Problems#6 The Videogames : You still have to follow a certain rhythm/pattern in order to get the Megazord to fight instead of fighting the monsters with the same playability as a Power Ranger, the Rangers all fight the same, all of the games are at a kindergarten level instead of being rated T for Teen, the games are too short and the online and PC games are even worse if you can believe that.

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    • I forgot one more, Problems#7 The Comicbooks : They are all too G rated and boring, so maybe Saban should have D.C.COMICS publish them for at least a year. If the fan's love it, than Power Rangers can stay apart of the D.C.Universe. If the fan's don't love it, than maybe Power Rangers shouldn't be a Comicbook series at all.

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  • Tommy-White & Green

    Tommy is My hero.

    It's waaaay too important to skip out on all of the problems with the 2nd Saban Era, so please go over them with everybody and give your own personal opinion about all of these issues if you can.
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  • I have been meaning to ask this for a while. I have noticed that you are setting protection on just about every page and picture here. Most of the time, you have it so you have to be an admin to edit or move them, but sometimes you leave it so that if they are an autoconfirmed user with a regular account, they can move the page even if they can't edit it.

    That's not typically what protection is for. It's to prevent problems from occurring on a page, or to keep them from coming back on a page. And the protection time is usually not permanent. It runs for a few weeks or months, until such time as the admin feels it will take for those problems to not occur any more.

    Was there a problem with overall vandalism on this wiki that has made it necessary for you to keep protecting the pages and pictures? If so, it's more effective a lot of times to set a few blocks than to activate protection.

    I'm asking this because you're the only administrator on this wiki. If you keep locking down everything on the wiki, then you should update the front page. Right now it says "anyone can edit" and "Please come & add new Nickelodeon Shows & Movies", but they can't do that unless they are an admin. If you want this to be a wiki for only yourself, that needs to be on the front page.

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