A resident of the House of Anubis. He shares a room with Fabian and is in a relationship with Amber, though seems to be crushing on Mara. After he found out that she cheated on the French test, he said that though the teacher may have her back, he doesn't, and it is presumed that he doesn't like her anymore. He used to be in a relationship with Amber, but they broke up after Amber accidentally forgot about a date once too many times, though she still loves him. It is revealed that Mick still loves her, but they don't match. Mara also doesn't think that Amber and him should be together, as she says "they have nothing at all in common." In some episodes later Mick kisses Mara after training with her for a sports scholarship. He denies his feeling and this is what leads Mara to changing her image. However after their kiss for the school play Mick confesses his love to Mara claiming he was only "in denial." They appear dating until Mara admits she was the one who sent the pictures that almost got him expelled, in return Mick storms out of the room saying what Mara did "was sick!". Now they are just friends. While Mick leaves to tryout for his sports scholarship, Mara develops a crush on Jerome. When he returns, he asks Mara out, and they become an official couple. It is revealed in House of Pursuit that he did not get the scholarship, but he keeps this from Mara


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