The list of all administrators on this wiki can be found here. This list is not perfect, unfortunately. It does not reflect the Wikia staff, who have admin privileges on all wikia. Also, it lists all users who have been given admin privileges on this wikia, including those who are currently inactive.

Currently active

Listed in being active:

  1. ICarlyFan2009 - October'2010 to Presents
  2. N/A
  3. N/A

Past active (Wnter 2009)

  1. Ilovespongebob - Dec. 11 > 19'2009
    Note: This First Admins only made this wikia & lift it for who ever want it. ICarlyFan2009 had taking this wikia as notice above.

Note From Admins

Hi, I am ICarlyFan 2009
If you like to be an "administrators" or "bureaucrat", You have to prove your
edited by doing a best job on this wikia.
If i see any mass up, You won't become an "administrators" or "bureaucrat" at all.
You have to earn it by doing a best job on this wikia.
Thank You... iCarlyFan2009 (Edmund K Lo) 04:21, April 14, 2011 (UTC)

Wikia Staff

"The Staff Member who sometime help with this wikia"

  • Sarah Manley - This Wikia Staff Member is the one who give ICarlyFan2009 this wikia.

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