The main protagonist of the show. She is an orphan and previously lived with her grandmother in the United States before coming to the House of Anubis. Nina is kind, smart, and brave. She is also shown to be very good at sneaking around and searching for clues. She is the leader of Sibuna (or Anubis backwards)and she is the one who Sarah gave the locket to. As it is shown with the Arabic dictionary that her and Fabian found as the solution to the riddle, only Nina can use the power of the locket. Her closest friends are Amber, Fabian, and Patricia, despite her original suspicion towards Nina. Nina's mom and dad died in a car accident when she was younger, she admits to her fellow house mates one morning at breakfast after Amber asks her about them. And although she denies it, Nina also appears to have a obvious crush on Fabian, as she kissed him on the cheek in House of Hazards. Since the show is based on "Het Huis Anubis," it is believed that Victor will lock Nina and Fabian in the washroom. When Nina freaks out, Fabian tries to comfort her and kisses her. Some hints of a relationship between Fabian and Joy are when Sibuna was in Victor's office talking to Joy, Amber mentioned that Fabian was with them. Nina was surprised and seemed a little jealous when Joy got really shy and said, "Fabes....Hi". After Amber and Patricia quit on her, Fabian tells her that he "wouldn't give up on Sarah, the quest and certainly not on you [Nina]. Nina also seemed jealous when Fabian tried to kiss Patricia for finding a puzzle piece he had lost. She is usually caring, level-headed, and fearless. She is also very clever, as she has solved several clues, such as the puzzle pieces which open with Sarah's and her numbers, respectively, the Arabic dictionary, and the fake cylinder. Another way that we could tell that Nina might possibly like Fabian as more than a friend is when she finally told Fabian, Alfie, who later becomes a member of Sibuna, and Patricia that Sarah had died, Fabian put his arm around her in a comforting gesture and she leaned her head on his chest and cried for a couple seconds.


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