A resident of the House of Anubis. She was Joy's best friend and used to room with Joy, then Nina, but is currently rooming with Mara. At the beginning of the series she and Nina were enemies as Patricia constantly put her down but are now friends, though she doesn't completely trust Nina. Patricia is a bit obsessed with finding out what happened to Joy. She has different colored fake highlights in her hair. She was the only one who noticed that Joy was erased from the school photo before she disappeared. She also thinks that she is going crazy after a number of weird things happen to her. Patricia was the only one who saw a strange man outside of the window during Drama class and saw him later in the woods, convincing her that he was real and not a ghost, as she originally thought. After she saw the man, she told Mr. Winkler everything that happened with Joy, and he doesn't appear to be in on the Joy secret. The man turned out to be a private investigator, who Patricia and Nina later see unconscious, being dragged into the back of a van by Victor. As a result, Patricia has joined Nina, Fabian, and Amber in Sibuna, and has accompanied them to the cellar numerous times, joining in on their search for answers. Although Patricia trusted Rufus, after not bringing Joy to him he kidnapped her. However, in House of Rescue, the other members of Sibuna rescue her from Rufus. However, she still has nightmares about him, and agrees to hang out with Alfie to try and make them stop, which shows that the two are getting closer, possible hinting at some kind of romance. She seems to be developing a crush on him, as when they lied to him, and told him that there were aliens at the school, she felt guilty, despite her mean nature, while none of the others did. Also, when Alfie wanted to go down in the cellar alone, she insisted on coming with him. She is somewhat based off of Pancy Parkinson from Harry Potter


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