Piper Atkins is a 17 year old girl who's dad is a famous movie star. She is also Anna Moore's best friend. Her stepbrother is Finn Atkins and is Anna's brother Walt's best friend. In the beginning of the season Piper had a crush on the family psychiatrist Hugh who is twice her age. She tries to make her like him and ends up kissing him at a party which leads him not to work with her anymore and to only work with Piper's dad's girlfriend Sasha. Piper goes to desparate measures to try to get Hugh back like faking jumping off a cliff. Hugh stops her and admits his love for her but says they cannot be together because of their age difference. Later on Piper gets a new boyfriend, Peter. Things go smooth until Peter starts suffocating Piper with love. While confronting him, Peter say he's going on tour with his brother's band. They still try to remain together while he is on tour. Later on Piper and her Finn think Sasha is cheating on their dad. They get nowhere until they here a laugh from their dad's bedroom. They run inside the room only to find their dad in bed with another man. Their dad is gay and has been hiding it the whole time.

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